7 Things to Consider Before Starting a Work From Home Business...

Working from home is a wonderful way to support your family, but not everyone is suited for it. Are you? Download our free guide to find out.

7 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Business

Thousands of women around the world are supporting their families working from home as virtual assistants.

Businesses hire virtual assistants to do the work that they don't have the time, knowledge or desire to do themselves. VA's help them build their businesses without needing to actually work in their offices. Virtual Assistants can work for clients all over the world without leaving their home office. 

Work From Home Happiness

Building a business working from home can give you financial and personal freedom that you can't get working a regular 9-5 job. Spending more time with your family while earning an income is really the best of both worlds!

Set Your Own Hours

Work during the hours that work best for you. Need to start after the kids are off to school or after they go to bed? You can!

Work From Anywhere

Have laptop will work. Because you are a virtual contractor you can work from anywhere you have an internet connection.

More Time With Family

Be there when your kids get home from school, take them to the zoo in the middle of the day! Spend more quality time with your family.

Choose Your Pay Rate

Ever felt like you weren't paid what you are worth? As a virtual assistant you set your own pay rate. Virtual assistants can make anywhere from $20-$100 an hour.

Virtual Assistant Online Training

If you are ready to create your own amazing business, where you can set your own hours and decide your own pay rate, sign up for the Virtual Assistant Online Training program today. 

Starting a business as a virtual assistant allows me to be more involved with my children while I also earn the money I need to support them.”

step by step process to get you started quickly

The course will walk you through the entire process from steps to get started, creating your brand, finding your first clients and more. We help eliminate the guess work so you start your business with a solid foundation.

Heather Wells

I am the single mother of three amazing children, twin teenage boys and one spunky little girl. For many years I struggled as a single parent to support my family - trying to work full time, pay the insane expense of child care & still make the bills was impossible. I decided that I needed to figure out a way to support my family working from home. And I DID! As a Virtual Assistant I was able to finally FULLY support my family, and now I want the same for YOU!

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